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X-SENSE Result Coaching

No Business Fails!


Name                    :    Dr. SREEKUMAR V
My Mission           :    Organization Transformation
My Vision              :    Enlightening People; Establishing Performance
Education              :    BA, MA, LL B, DBM, PGDPM, PGDOM
Other Education   :    Ontology, Handwriting Analysis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Profession             :    Executive & Business Coaching
Certificates I have :    Certified Business Coach & Certified Goal Attainment Coach
Business I am in   :    Business Coaching for business stakeholders
The game I am in  :    How to double the business turnover in six months without adding any resources?


At one point of time in my life, I strongly believed that business was not my cup of tea!  I thought I was not born for that!  They are different breed!  I was clear that it is not easy to do business; rather, it is better to work.  I did my Post Graduation in Economics, Graduation in Law and few professional PG Diplomas too.  I had even 20+ years corporate experience in various fields too as my strength to start a business.  But nothing helped me to be successful in business.   In fact, when I looked back the two decade corporate experience was better than my entrepreneurial journey!  However, after interacting with many entrepreneurs I asked myself “why people have to do business at the cost of their own family, happiness and peace of mind?”  That question enabled me to take a U-Turn again and restarted the entrepreneurial journey with a research mind.  From then onwards, in my life, the breakdowns gave the way for breakthroughs and miracles! I could turn around my earnings from zero to lacs in the first few months itself! First time I learned in my life that there was something more than the knowledge that creates success in life. Then the journey paved the way for me to discover and create the ‘X-SENSE Result Coaching’ for Business Stakeholders.  It was first applied to various aspects of my life, both personal and business related.  I was applying the same to many of my friends and clients to turn around their life and business so as to be more effective, productive, happy and peaceful.  That is the space and time the X-SENSE Coaching Design got evolved and I became a ‘recommended’ Life Coach with a commitment on Business Stakeholders.   Now, looking at the kind of breakthroughs ‘my people’ have, I think that I would have done this at least 15 years back!  It is my privilege that I am their Coach and they are very generous to listen to me!

The kind of results produced through ‘X-SENSE’ Result Coaching:

  • Doubled the Business Turnover within a span of 6 Months
  • 119% increase in business turnover in 7 months time
  • Increased the Productivity by 80% in 3 months
  • 354% increase in sales turnover in 10 months
  • Became a Global Organization in 8 months
  • 60% increase in sales in 4 months
  • Doubled sales turnover in 32 days
  • 9000% ROI in 7 months
  • ​Came out of a dodgy partnership breakdown in one week and started own Company in just two months



  • Doubling the Business Turnover that one may think not workable or possible
  • Increase profitability and productivity, irrespective of any situations
  • Creating ‘high voltage performance’, irrespective of any situations