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Group Coaching is most workable in a particular group of people. In this way coaching one benefit many. Since they all have one common challenge, business, they learn and experience from each other. One important aspect of coaching is ‘accountability’. In group coaching they become accountable with more ease and grace and also a support and structure for success for others in the group. Since the coaching is for a group of people, all the participants need to be present in a stipulated date and time. This aspect of Group Coaching brings forth discipline amongst themselves.

It doesn’t lose its confidentiality as it is very small group of people (four to six). With respect to their investment of money for Coaching, the participants also experience affordability in Group Coaching.

The most effective way of Group Coaching is through directive approach and it also works group dynamics. X-Factor Result Coaching adopted this method for group coaching to ensure that the clients are enabled to fulfil their goals and missions.


There are many benefits to Group Coaching. However, to list a few they are;

  • Develop Leadership Traits
  • Enhance Management Capability
  • Deal with Stress Effectively with Lesser Time
  • Effective in Building Professional Network
  • Enhance more Knowledge on Various Aspects
  • Becoming more Creative
  • Enhance Individual Responsibility and Accountability
  • Better Collaboration and Coordination
  • Learn Be and Work in a Group
  • Getting an Experience of Togetherness
  • Learn to Listen than Ever Before
  • Learn and practice the most Important and Latest Leadership Tool - Coaching

The Common Factor in Business Leadership

The secret of Not Growing and The Plan to Fail Successfully

X-Sense Business Plan Framework

Some of the Group Coaching offered by us;

Mind Your Business (MYB) Getting ready to double your business turnover in six months without adding any resources
Decoding Sales Success (DSS) Getting the access and tools to have incredible sales turnover
Business Plan for Success (BPS) Taking your business to your dream level
Business Success Formula (BSF) Creating Enviable Business Success Within 6 months
The Power Of BE (POB) Getting an access produce business results without controlling the mind
Goal Attainment Skills (GAS) The mathematics in achieving a goal without failWe
Business Ownership and Self-mastery in Sales (BOSS) Recreating the business purpose and increasing the sales turnover by 100%
Health Over Wealth (HOW) Discovering health as a tool to increase business wealth